Big Boy

Frequently Asked Questions

I just got my card. Why are there no rewards?
Cards must be activated and registered online in order to show usage and rewards. Go to to activate and register your card.
What do I get?
Just present your card, or give your phone number, to the cashier every time you visit to earn credit for the visit to your account. And after 5 visits you will receive a reward via email.
How many days do I have to redeem the reward?
Twenty-one (21) days.
Will I know when I get a reward?
After your fourth visit, you will receive a notice for a randomly selected reward that will be redeemable after your fifth visit. If you prefer another choice, then go to My Frisch's, click on My Progress, and select a different offering. Your choice will be valid for you after your fifth visit.
What if I forget my card?
When you activate your card, you are asked for your phone number. Just give the cashier your phone number and your account will be recognized.
What if I realize later I forgot to get credit for my purchase?
Unfortunately, we can't credit transactions to your My Frisch's card after your visit.
Will my drive thru purchases count too?
Yes, drive thru and carryout purchases all count towards earning rewards.
If receive a free soft drink or iced tea and I want to redeem it at the drive through, what size will it be?
Medium. And in the dining room, you will receive one free 16 oz. size drink.
Can I upsize my drink?
Yes, just order the larger size that you want and you will be charged the difference.
If I receive a free sandwich reward, can I choose any sandwich from the menu?
I lost my My Frisch's card. Can it be replaced?
Just send us an email with your phone number or card number and we'll transfer your rewards to a new My Frisch's card and mail it to you. Your old card will then be deactivated permanently. Unfortunately, if your lost card was not registered on our website, we're unable to replace it.
I have a few My Frisch's cards with different rewards. Can I combine them onto a single card?
Absolutely. Just send us an email and we will work with you to transfer your rewards onto one card.
I am receiving an error message on my screen about an unsupported browser?
The website supports works on Internet Explorer 9.0 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 19 or newer, and Google Chrome 25 or newer.
I have signed up but have not received any emails?
Verify your email address is correct under your profile settings. Also, many email systems may mark the email as Spam or Junk Mail. Add to your safe sender's list.
When I try and add my card and I receive an error "This card has already been activated"
This means the card has already been activated on an account. Once a card is activated it can no longer be used by someone else, even if the card has been deleted from another account. Please return to your favorite Frisch's Big Boy and get a new card or simply use your registered phone number.
Can I sign up and receive rewards without a card?
Yes. Simply register with just your phone number and give it to the employee in the restaurant or at the drive thru when you visit. This will credit your account for your activity and redeem any rewards.
I had a reward but now, it is no longer showing on the website?
Each reward comes with a redemption period. If the reward is not redeemed before the expiration date, the reward has expired and has been removed.
Can I use more than one reward per visit?
No, only one reward per check per visit. Rewards may not be used in conjunction with other coupons, promotions or discounts.

Complete details of the loyalty program terms can be found at If you have further questions, please call My Frisch's Customer Service at 1-800-873-3633 or email